Diamond Jubilee to Rock 2012

She is the most recognisable woman in the world and this year marks her 60th reigning year on the British throne. Queen Elizabeth II is about to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee with a mammoth event to mark her time helming the sovereignty and diamond stamps for posterity.

After the public ballot has opened to UK residents, The Diamond Jubilee event on June 5, 2012 will be free to 10,000 ballot members who will be privy to enjoy the festivities free of charge. The seating, which will be around the Queen Victoria Memorial just outside Buckingham Palace will give those 10,000 easy viewing to the balcony speech and viewing of all royalty at the palace. For those who are hearing impaired, there is no need to worry because an induction loop Chemsford and other specialists will be ensuring that all sound and audio digital equipment gives everyone a chance to listen and watch the Jubilee’s festivities.

Immediately after ascending to the throne after the death of her father, King George, Queen Elizabeth was hardly given a second to breathe before she stepped out as the new Queen of England, at the age of 25. Sixty years down the line and Queen Elizabeth is still a groovy granny with pep in her step.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee looks set to be a massive celebration with many royals already enjoying the festivities as they jet to all corners of the earth to previous and current British colonies in honour of the wonderful lady. With excellent video conferencing London, and a whole lot of love for the monarch, Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee is going to be the biggest party of 2012.